About myself

My artistic pseudonym is "TaniDaReal", people usually call me Tani. I'm an artist / media designer (for printed and digital products) living in Germany together with my husband and our two rescue cats. In my free time I enjoy drawing (both with digital and traditional media) and working on all kind of creative projects. My second big dedication is aviation and flying (PPL-A).

My husband and I love to travel (for example road trips in the USA) and we enjoy and appreciate having friends all over the world. We dedicate a lot of our time to Eurofurence, the biggest European furry convention in Germany, where I am part of the Charity Team.

I love creative works of all kinds, for example fursuits (animal costumes), both making them and performing. We have a pretty large plush animal and animal figurine collection (mainly wolves, foxes and big cats). Further hobbies of mine are cooking and enjoying good food.

Animals - my Life

I always had an extraordinary love for animals and grew up with pets. I couldn't imagine a life without animals, which is also why I concentrate on drawing anthro/animal artwork, and of course I support animal charities. All my cats have been rescues from shelters. Right now, we share our home with two adorable cat ladies from a Spanish shelter, Shuray and Dae (with my beloved Trisca always in my heart, who passed away in 2017).


There are certain species I always had a deeper connection to - wolves and snow leopards. While I am a big fan of most canines and felines, those species have a special place in my heart. Especially the wolf, which is not only one of the most beautiful animals, but has also been spiritually guiding me all my life.


I have been drawing (mostly animals) for as long as I can remember. The wonderful thing about being an artist is, that you can create worlds, characters, express your feelings, make people laugh or cry (in a good emotional way). Drawing is not my main profession, however having a design related job, I enjoy drawing in my free time.

The internet was probably the biggest change in my life. In 1999, when I first got internet access, I found other people with the same affection for anthropomorphic animals like me ("Furry Fandom"). At the beginning I started drawing Lion King fanart. Over the years my style developed and I am mostly drawing anthropomorphic animals and anthros today (both personal artwork, commissions and as part of projects).