Commission Information

Due to my limited free time, I can only take commissions very rarely. If you are looking for a commission, please note the following points:

  • I do not keep a waiting list (please don't ask me about it, I don't make exceptions).

  • There is no general time period when I am open for commissions. I will only take commissions when I announce them (Mailing List).

  • I'll use different ways for accepting commissions, depending on my mood and time (first come first served, raffle, auction, YCH or just picking one myself). Those information will be posted on my Mailing List and Twitter. If slots already fill up there, I won't post it on FurAffinity any more.

  • If you want to be informed when I have commission slots available, please subscribe to my Mailing List. Please understand that I don't send out personal notifications when I am open (that's what the list is for).

  • If time allows, I will take sketch commissions at conventions and sometimes badge commissions before conventions. If I do, it will be announced on my Mailing List. I'm sorry I don't do color commissions at conventions.

  • When I am open for commissions, I will announce what kind of commissions are available (sketch, badge, full color, digital, traditional...) and the prices. If you want to know a price estimation before, feel free to email me.

  • I am sorry I usually can't tell in advance when I will be open again. There are various circumstances that make it hard for me to estimate it, and I don't want to disappoint people if I cannot keep it.

  • There are various ways of motivating an artist and making a commission a pleasure for both sides. Being pushy or impolite aren't some of those. Also please keep in mind that artists are looking forward to hear your feedback on commissions. If you like it - please show us. If something is not right yet - tell us so we can fix it. Getting emotionless feedback (like "it's ok") or sometimes no feedback at all leaves us with a very weird and unrewarding feeling.

  • Recolored Mood Badges (not Custom pages) I can usually do any time, but please note that I will do them as fast as possible, this sometimes can also take a while depending on my time schedule.

What will I draw?

I will draw most kind of furry art - anthropomorphic and feral animals (including taurs).
I will also draw erotic/adult artwork if requested. However, I reserve the right to reject a commission request if I do not like it's subject.

Examples for what I will not draw:
Humans, any kind of racism or illegal topics, extreme violence / fetishes, water sports etc.
I also don't enjoy / am not good at drawing robots, engines, space stuff, cars, human-like fantasy creatures like fairies, gargoyles, etc. (dragons are fine though). Please note that I also will not draw in (copy) "other artists' styles".

There are certain furry anthro species that I don't feel comfortable drawing, like marine or avian anthros (dolphins, birds, etc.). I can try, but the result may not turn out as good as other species. The feral versions (regular animals) are fine though.

Copyright / Reproduction rights

You may use the commission for any non-commercial purposes (websites, avatars, personal prints, etc.). You paid for it - it belongs to you.

There is one exception: The reproduction rights are not included in a commission! Commercial re-use (selling prints, using for print products you are selling) without discussing it with me is not allowed. If you're planning something like this, it needs to be discussed with me beforehand.

I will only make prints of a commission if I have permission from the commissioner. I will not use your commission for any commercial purposes if I'm not permitted to do so.