The best way to contact me: (remove the blanks)

tanidareal @
tani @

Please use verified email addresses only (listed on my websites), as there are sometimes imposters out there who like to pretend to be somebody else.

I sometimes may answer a bit slowly, but I read all your mails and very much appreciate your comments. If you have a question, I will always try to answer it (feel free to poke me again if I didn't answer after a while). Please also remember to use informative subjects.

I sometimes get a lot of emails. Here are some possible reasons why I didn't answer:

  • You used a bad subject like "hello" or "how are you" which ended up in my spam filter (please use reasonable subjects for your mails and messages)

  • There was nothing to answer (for example you just wanted to tell me something about my art). I'd love to, but I don't always find the time to reply to every mail or private message (that does not mean that I don't appreciate them!).

  • You asked a question I already answered so many times... for example about being your friend, joining your art contest, chatting with you, etc. Please see my FAQ for further answers, thank you.

  • You requested a free drawing (sometimes even without signing your mail). Sorry, but I will just ignore impolite requests.

  • Maybe I am not at home or just busy. I usually post on Twitter what's currently going on. Don't worry, it just happens sometimes that I can't check my emails daily. :)

Private Messages / Notes

In most galleries/journals you can write direct messages/private messages/notes to other people.

Please note that the ONLY DMs (direct messages) I will read regularly are on Twitter!

Please do not send me notes on FurAffinity (I read them once in a while, but not regularly, as I can't access my account from anywhere). Private messages on DeviantArt and LiveJournal will NOT be read! If you have something time-critical, please always use email.

Another request: Please don't mix conversations on different platforms (e.g. jumping between Emails and private messages), because that will totally confuse me.

Accounts / WhiteList

It's silly, but it has happened before that people registered accounts using my nick name (and sometimes even pretend to be me). Here is a WhiteList to list my verified accounts.