Roleplay/Fursuit character

 Artwork by Kacey Miyagami
Name:   "Daiquiri"
Species:   Transilvanian Wild Dog (vampire)
Gender:   Female
Form:   Anthro form (bipedal) or
Anthropomorphic quadruped / feral
Design:   Wild dog colored fur, black face mask, belly and arm/leg markings, white arms and legs, black finger and toe tips, white face markings and ear tips, white tail tip and chest, light grey eyes, brown/pinkish nose, fangs

Daiquiri is a female Transilvanian Wild Dog I created in 2008.

This character was mainly created for a new fursuit I made in 2008.

She is a mysterious lady with a secret. She loves the night and cocktails (where also her name comes from). There are rumours that she is more than a simple wild dog. Maybe you meet her one night?

Fursuit photos


Character Sheet

Daiquiri's main form is anthro / bipedal, but quadruped form is also possible.

Please note that this character is © me and NOT free for use or for roleplay!