Here you can find some stuff I made for free use. Feel free to use these pictures (just not for anything commercial). In case you should upload my art again, please give credit / don't claim it as your own artwork. Thank you!

Desktop "Moonfight Dance"

    Download picture (jpg) for your desktop / screen resolution:


Random animated icons

Feel free to use as avatar / profile picture!
(please just upload them to your own webspace, don't link to mine)

Mood Icon Set - Foxy

Evil Pissed Surprised Annoyed Hungry
Blink Loved Happy Oh noes Wheeee!
Creative Horny Relieved Sad Shocked
XP D'Oh! Sleepy Uh oh... O.o

Download "Foxy" Icon Set (zip)

Color Page - Wolf

Feel free to color! Please give credit for the outlines.

Download Photoshop file (zip)
Download jpg file
Download png file

Mood Icon Set - Snow Leopards

+ 15 more pictures! The Set contains 24 images.
(the 9 icons above are just a selection)

Download "Snow Leopard" Icon Set (zip)