Definition of "Furry"

It's an interest that is hard to describe due to its diversity, but a good definition would be:

Furry fans are people who have an extraordinary affinity for anthropomorphic animals. "Anthropomorphic" is an adjective derived from Latin and means "with human characteristics" (which can be both regarding the appearance and the behaviours), like acting/thinking like humans, wearing clothes, walking on two legs, talking, etc. Some popular furry characters are, for example, Disney's Robin Hood, the characters from "Father of the Pride" or the characters from "Over the Hedge". Just as Star Trek fans often just call themselves "Trekkies", Furry fans simply call themselves "Furries".

Every individual is different, so also Furries have the most different reasons and motivations why they are furry. A lot of Furries feel like they have an inner animal, or that they are spiritually connected to animals, others enjoy the creativity (like drawing, writing stories, music, performing in fursuits, roleplaying, organizing conventions or meetings), others are simply consumers enjoying what other Furries create.

Not everyone who likes or draws animals is automatically a Furry.
Not everyone wearing an animal costume is automatically a Furry.

For many, being furry is more than just liking animals, it can be a lifestyle, which is way more than just a hobby. However with the growing number of furry fans, also the number of reasons grow why they call themselves furry.

Furry Books & Literature

There are a lot of books and comics that we would call "furry". They are usually written from the perspective of animals (where the feral animals can talk, act and think like humans) or Anthros (animal/human creatures walking on two legs, acting like humans). Of course there are also authors within the Furry Fandom.

Some books are very special to me, especially the "Wolves of Time" influenced my life a lot (and also inspired my own project, "The WeuUkoo Wolves").

Below you find some examples for such books / comics.
(Some books contain adult/violent contents - those are not really books for children)

"The Wolves of Time" / "Die Wölfe der Zeit" (William Horwood):

Book 1: The Journey to the Heartland (Die Reise ins Herzland)
Book 2: Seekers at the Wulfrock (Der Kampf ums Herzland)


"Felidae" (Akif Pirinçci):

Book 1: Felidae Book 4: The Duell
Book 2: Francis Book 5: Salve Roma
Book 3: Cave Canem      Book 6: Schandtat



"Wolves of the Beyond" (Kathryn Lasky / Guardians of Ga'Hoole):

Book 1: Lone Wolf
Book 2: Shadow Wolf
Book 3: Watch Wolf
Book 4: Frost Wolf
Book 5: Spirit Wolf
Book 6: Star Wolf



"Blacksad" (Full color Comic by Juan Diaz Canales):

Comic 1: Blacksad - Somewhere within the Shadows
Comic 2: Blacksad - Arctic Nation
Comic 3: Blacksad - Red Soul
Comic 4: Blacksad - The hell, the silence


"Das Versprechen der Wölfe" (Dorothy Hearst)
"Wolfsaga" (Käthe Recheis)
"Wolfsaugen" (David Clement-Davies)
"Nerz" (Peter Chippendale)


"Hunter's Moon" / "Füchse unter sich" (Garry Kilworth)
"Fürst der Wölfe" (Garry Kilworth)


Most books should be available via Amazon.
The "Wolves of the Beyond" series are also available as nice audio book.