• Prints/Posters larger than regular A4 sized prints
  • Some are limited / numbered
  • Full color high quality laser prints
  • Hand signed on request

Unlimited Jumbo Prints

Here is an overview about the prints I have made.

If you are interested in one of the jumbo prints, please send me an email.
I will get back to you with more information.

"Why there are no spiders in Alaska"

Obviously not all huskies are spider-proof... ;)

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")
"Serenade of Love" (part 1)

The story of seven foxes courting their lady - unfortunately there is only one. ;)

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")
"End of a Serenade" (part 2)

Sequel of the first pictures -
The end of a foxy serenade.

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")
"So long ago"

Memories and love never end,
even if it's already so long ago.

Size: 28 x 60cm (~ 11 x 23.5 ")

Jumbo prints need to be shipped in a poster tube. The shipping costs (package material included) are 6,00 EUR within Germany, and USD $10,00 world wide.

Limited Jumbo Prints in Art Shows

More Jumbo-Prints of other pictures (usually limited to 3 or 5 prints) are only available
in Art Shows
(at conventions). Those prints are all numbered and signed.