An alternate character

Name:   "Michonne"
Species:   German / Belgian Shepherd
Gender:   Female
Form:   Anthro form (bipedal) or
Anthropomorphic quadruped / feral
Design:   Different tones of grey and black fur, fluffy fur on her ears, slim body more influenced by the Belgian Shepherd rather than the German one

Michonne is a female Belgian / German Shepherd mix I created in 2014.

Her male counterpart is Daryl (created by me), the German shepherd (who belongs to my husband). The idea for these two characters were inspired by the tv show The Walking Dead.

Michonne and Daryl have been brought to live as fursuit by the awesome fursuit builder "Don't Hug Cacti" and had their debut at Megaplex convention 2014.

Both characters can be drawn as ferals or as anthros. Daryl can be shown as police dog or in reference to the Walking Dead character with vest and cross bow. When drawn as anthro, Michonne can be shown with the katana sword.



Fursuit photos


Character Sheet

Please note that this character is © me and NOT free for use or for roleplay!