An alternate character

 Artwork by Kacey Miyagami
Name:   "Savoy"
Species:   Silverfox-wolf hybrid
Gender:   Female
Form:   Anthro form (bipedal) or
Anthropomorphic quadruped / feral
Design:   Blueish main fur (dark, medium and light blue), black face markings, black and white legs, black tail tip, pink nose, white ear tips, fox muzzle marking

Savoy is a female silverfox-wolf hybrid character I created in 2005.

She is not the same kind of character that Tani is for me, but still she is more than just a random roleplay character. She is a pretty sexy and sly female, quite dominant, liking aesthetic bondage for example. She is an open-minded being, but also sticks to her principles. Savoy is often there to mentally cheer Tani up. She is a character I play with (what Savoy is doing is not automatically what I would do in real life myself).

Character Sheet

For Savoy both quadrupedal and bipedal forms are possible. When shown in feral form, she's bigger than a fox, but smaller than a wolf (her body is quite foxish though). When shown in anthro form, she's an average, slim young adult lady.

Savoy Reference Sheet

Character Development

Created in 2005, design unchanged since then.

Artwork by Kacey Miyagami

Artwork by TaniDaReal

Artwork by Olven

Please respect that Savoy is © me
This character is NOT available for use (like as avatar or for roleplay)