The Art of TaniDaReal

Social Media (@TaniDaReal)

My Twitter account is both used for artwork and social things going on in my life. I will post artwork here, work in progress here, previews, photos, personal ramblings and announcements (commissions, new products). This account will also be used for communication.

Little artwork, previews or photos every few days.

Please note the correct spelling of my name (as an imposter already took my name): tani.da.real
(this is my verified account) (@Schnolf)

My art news channel on Telegram. I will post finished art there, as well as work in progress, previews, announcements. This channel is read only.

If you would like to contact me, my personal Telegram account is: (@TaniDaReal)

My attempt to make some timelapse and tutorial videos to give more insight about how I work on my digital drawings.

Some posts from Instagram will be cross-posted here. I will post work in progress, sketches and unfinished art here too. Updated occasionally.

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