Anatomy and reference websites

"Human Anatomy for Artist"

This gallery offers many high resolution reference photos for registered users. You have to buy a subscription to get access to the photos (for prices see their website).

"Female Anatomy for Artist"

Same like "Human Anatomy for Artist", female pictures only.

Prices for each subscription vary.

There are also more special websites for:

. References for Comic Artists
. Environment Textures
. Human & Animal Photo References
. Environment Photo References


Posemaniacs is a great (free) site for learning or improving your anatomy drawing skills. It provides a gallery of male and female figures - made of muscles - in various poses. The more, the website offers some nice tools.

Also available as iPhone / iPad app.

Tutorial / Resource Websites

"Art Show"

Art Lessons, Books, Tutorials, Techniques and Resources for Artists. The website offers a link collection about Painting, Drawing, Photo/Digital, Sculpture, etc.

Programs and Tools

"Scultpris" (freeware)

Sculptris is an impressive yet easy to use 3D sculpting software (by Pixologic), which allows an artist to focus on creating 3D artwork (even without 3D knowledge). Nice for playing and getting a feeling for 3-dimensional characters.