Personal websites

I'm a webdesigner, so here are some websites I designed and made: - V2.0

Redesign 2.0 for my homepage in 2008.
Update: Frameless version 2.1 in 2010.

Contains all information about my myself and my artwork.

The empty page on my tigress account is now a road map to various links (my websites, galleries, blogs, etc.)

Alternative URL:

Memorial website of my beloved baby Ashati, who went her way to the stars on December 07, 2009...

Rest in peace, I will always love you!

Website of my WeuUkoo Wolves (personal characters, including artwork, story and character descriptions).

This is currently the 2.0 version of this homepage, as the first one was still about WeuUkoo grey lions.

My Fursuit Making Of Website

(main page, leading to the seperate making of sites of the different fursuits)

My "Daiquiri" fursuit making-of website (Transilvanian Wild Dog).

Language - English.
Finished in November 2008.

My "Savoy" fursuit making-of website (Silverfox-Wolf hybrid).

First bilingual website - done in German and in English. Finished in June 2007.

My "TaniDaReal" fursuit making-of and tutorial website (Snow Leopard).

Website about my plush animal collection. Includes photos of my collection (sorted by species and sorted by brands), information about brands and quality.

A random little fun website about furries playing the famous game WORMS. - former design

Old version of my homepage. This was already the 4th design of my homepage (from the very beginning).

Version not online any more.

Websites for others - EF17

"EF17 - Kung Fur Hustle"

Website for Eurofurence 17 in Magdeburg, Germany. Design and coding done by me, 2010. - 2011

Website for Rainfurrest, a furry convention in Seattle, USA. Design and basic HTML template by me, php and contents by Rainfurrest staff, 2010. - EF16

"EF16 - The Serengeti"

Website for Eurofurence 16 in Magdeburg, Germany. Design and coding done by me, 2009.

New website for the German radio station Furry 8000. Design and coding done by me. - EF11

Website for Eurofurence 11 in Nuremberg, Germany. Design and coding done by me, 2005.

Webdesign done for Taibu.
Design done by me, coding by himself.
Elvish tribal on the right side done by Azrael.