How it all began

Pack:   "WeuUkoo Wolves"
Species:   Canis Lupus Canus
Members:   25 wolves
Home:   Sidh Eryn (forest)
Appearance:   All shades of grey with unusual eyecatching markings and patterns
Remarkable:   Flexible (partly retractable) claws, very long flexible tails

In 2001 I started creating characters that represented a part of my family, some of the characters were based on existing people, some were completely fictional. In the beginning (until ~2003), the family clan was a pack of Grey European Lions.

After I changed my personal character Tani to her final form (snow leopard), I decided to change the WeuUkoo Clan to what they have always been in their heart and my soul - a pack of grey wolves ("Canis Lupus Canus"), having their home in Sidh Eryn, the ancient Forest of Peace.

The "WeuUkoo - The Wolves of Sidh Eryn" story and their backgrounds have more and more developed over the years, which Cairyn helped me a lot with since 2008. I created a map showing their territory and the landcapes around, and also started a full color comic.

There is also a book project in progress now - the novel (which is planned to be published in 3 books) is written by Cairyn, who gave me a lot of input and help developing the story and map.

For more info, art and story - please visit their website:

The species

The WeuUkoo Wolves are related to the common European Grey Wolf, but they belong to a rare sub species (Canis Lupus Canus) which was born about 4000 years ago. The live stock of these beautiful animals has come down to only about 150 animals. They are famous for their soft grey fur which is covered with all kinds of eye-catching markings. Their fluffy fur is softer than regular wolf fur, almost feline-like.

The name "WeuUkoo" is pronounced woi-ukou and means:.

  Weu   = abbreviation of "weupe", means "Grey color"
  Ukoo   = "Clan, family"
  WeuUkoo   = "Grey colored family"

What makes the WeuUkoo different from other wolves is their ability to climb trees. Almost like foxes, they have flexible claws (though they can't completely retract them). Many of the WeuUkoo are living a very spiritual way, honouring their legendary wolf ancestors and spirits of nature. Usually one or two mentors are teaching those old legends, often a shaman is doing that job. A few of them are also able to speak several animal languages, like with foxes, crows or weasels.

The Pack Members

More info and references:

  • Tani (my character in her wolf form)
  • Taibu (her brother)
  • Danver (her brother)
  • Kalimba (her sister)
  • Sherisaa (her cousin)

  • Avias (her grandmother) - [Character Sheet]
  • Callon (her grandfather, dead)
  • Desoto (her mother) - [Character Sheet]
  • Rhosco (her father) - [Character Sheet]
  • Tharsirion (Taibu's father) - [Character Sheet]

  • Satharo (mate of Kalimba)
  • Sombra (mate of Danver)
  • Sador (Sombra's brother)

  • Atavias, Meril, Rohan, Sovar, Darivo (Tani's cubs)
  • Tarim, Bandura (cubs of Kalimba and Satharo)
  • Ascar, Seregon (cubs of Danver and Sombra)

Character Sheets

Tharsirion   Avias   Rhosco

Desoto   Nishari   Matajo and Vaderan  

More to be added...

Please note that these characters are © me and NOT free for use or for roleplay!